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From the desk of Admins


With inspiration of our leader Late Mr. Sergey Marvodi MMM UNITED will keep trying to put a smile on the face of every section of the society. We wish him a Very Happy Birthday from MMM UNITED Participants on its launching. In 2016 we launched this platform on the same day and this time we chose 11th of August again for relaunch.

Dear loyal participants! First of all, we are sorry for mistakes on our part in the past, give this last chance to see what mmm United is ready to do!!!

With all regrets as to the circumstances of what has happened in the past, we are here this time around to make history, just spare a few seconds to read!

So, as per our commitment, we are coming on August 11th 2019, MMM United is Re-launching with a different SPIRIT - different COMMITMENT of helping community on


1. MMM United has scrapped the idea of paying 20% to storage account, this literarily means admins will no longer take money from the system for whatsoever reason, 100% of your PH will be working in the system. In the recent times, only mmm United is the first and only platform to do this, this is part of our transparency policy!

2. MMM United has introduced naira as its secondary operational currency, this is another step to clearly show our intentions that we are here only for your sake and we are not interested in your money, our idea is to change the world as much as we can using this platform, you have options to make PH in Naira or in Bitcoin or in both currency, hence we allow the system to run within yourselves without our influence in anyway. (We introduced naira because fair percentage of our participants is Nigerians, in subsequent time ahead we could also introduce other regional local currency if its population on our platform is enough for it to operate independently) NB. MMM UNITED still happens to be the first global platform to do this!

3. We have introduced a unique concept to battle excessive GH or any activities that could hurt the system, this concept is a hybrid idea and it has not been done before, a subsequent mail will be disbursed to explain this concept for better understanding (a technical recommitment policy).

4. Same name, same idea, same domain...this alone should tell you of our good intentions, we have many copy cats that in 2019 alone they have changed name and created more than 10 platforms run by the same set of people, this is not our way, if we have a flaw we admit and make amendments but we will never hide under any shadow nor pretend. This is uniquely MMM united style.

5. In October 2018 we made an attempt to return, and we did! But the party didn’t last too long as Bitcoin depreciated helplessly, this cause pandemonium amongst our dear participants leading to many people making short pay and some not paying at all, this was because as at that time mmm United was using (dollar $) instead of Bitcoin value, this was the genesis of the problem which we didn’t survive, to be fair there was also some flaws from the desk of the admins, like we said before, WE HAVE SEPARATED THE GRAINS FROM THE CHAFF! We do not have bad eggs again in our midst, for us to have implemented points 1 and 2 above, this fact should be obvious to you!

6. Now we would run a more interactive platform, meetings will be held with guiders on Fridays, where guiders will be given opportunity to interact with a designated coordinator of mmm United, to say what they think and how they feel the platform could work better. (Only mmm United in these days has implemented this idea also)

Advance subscription was started a few weeks ago which will close on 10th of August 2019. During this time, thousands of participants did subscription across the globe. It shows the faith of participants in MMM United. All Subscribers will get 5% bonus of their first PH as Subscription Bonus.

Heartfelt thanks for the overwhelming response and support in advance subscription!

In 2016 we launched the MMM United on on August 11 2016, and MMM United initiative fulfilled its purpose of Global financial accommodation. Participants from over 150 countries joined the system & achieved their dreams. Also, the idea of “ONE SINGLE GLOBAL STRUCTURE OF MMM” just like MMM Global has motivated and inspired lots of former MMM global leaders and they participated with all their MMM global team. Such response was a confirmation of the appealing nature of the initiative to the public and a show of support and solidarity for the MMM United Community. The community is already going viral on various social media platforms and we are monitoring chatter on every significant place on the internet. This is another way to confirm the initiative’s success and its appeal to the public. NOW LET US REPEAT HISTORY AND EVEN MAKE IT BETTER!!

To commemorate and also build on its great strides, MMM United is using this medium to thank everybody for their support and to urge global leaders and rest of the MMM comrades to extend their support to their respective territories and also propagate the successes of the MMM United initiative.

But we as the Admins are not important. YOU as a participant are important. You are the one who goes into the battlefield and get things done. We salute every single comrade fighting for this cause in spite of negative and skeptical environment about MMM after MMM Global’s shutdown.

Protect yourself; take good care of your people. Because YOU sir, are the only one we got. You are our ambassador of change. You are the only hope left for the worldwide MMM community and for the entire humanity. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!

Conclusively, we feel have been fair enough with all these goodwill we have implemented, it is only fair if you also give us a chance to make this work...remember grudges has never changed the lives of anyone, we are all humans and we are bound to make mistakes, what differentiates success from failure is ability to rise when you fall.


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