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MMM United Events Information

MMM United will be conducting regional meetings and seminars in near future. As we all know, MMM United is the system of the people, by the people and for the people, we appeal national/regional MMM leaders and volunteers to come forward and undertake the responsibility.

You will have to decide the dates and timing, venue, accommodation of the invitees, arrangement of branding/promotional material, food and beverages and overall management of the event by assigning tasks and responsibilities to the volunteers. The agenda of the meeting/seminar will be decided by the Public Relations team here at MMM United. Designs of required branding/promotional material will be provided to the incharge and it is his/her responsibility to carry out further formalities.

If you are willing to take part in such activities please write to us at Please mention “PR: Events-Meetings/CountryName” in the subject line of your email. Draft all the information about the event. Mention expected expenses in detail (attach quotations), provide necessary contact information about yourself and your team and wait for the approval by our PR team.

***Remember we are nonprofit organization and we are very tight on our budget. So try to figure out ways to cut unnecessary expenses. Take most of the responsibilities yourself as a volunteer and avoid outsourcing all the work to professionals.