The One Single Global Structure of MMM

How to appear

MMM United How to appear


  • Anyone can appear in Global Appeal video section at MMM United official website. Please follow the instructions listed below……
  • Create video in English language only. Videos should not be more than 90 seconds in length
  • Mention your name, country, status in MMM, past experience etc.
  • Start your video by greeting in NATIVE LANGUAGE so that people from your region know that you speak their language and you are familiar with dialect.
  • Now make an appeal to your team members, leaders from your region and global leaders to join MMM United. Tell your views and opinions about the project and request them to UNITE for this cause.
  • Please hold cardboard sheet or piece of paper in your hand with www.MMM-United.Org written and clearly visible on it when you are recording video (See available videos on website to get idea)
  • End your video with NATIVE LANGUAGE again.
  • Upload your video to Youtube and send video link to with the subject “Global Appeal Video”.
  • Not all the videos will be published. Videos created according to above instructions and good quality will be selected.