The One Single Global Structure of MMM

MMM United

United we stand, divided we fall

First and foremost, we would like to declare that we are not part of Mr. Sergey Mavrodi’s MMM. We don’t belong to any of the national structures that MMM operate and we are not related to Mr. Mavrodi in any way.

Yes, we respect Mr. Mavrodi and follow his ideology from the bottom of our heart and soul. He is a source of inspiration behind the concept of MMM United. And we can’t thank him enough for giving this world the idea and ideology of MMM.

After the shutdown of MMM Global, we all returned to our respective national structures to continue spreading the ideology of MMM. But it has been noticed and reported by the Mavrodians from almost every MMM national structure that the system is struggling to get back on its feet. And there is a strong sense of disappointment and negativity among the participants. We all miss the good old days of MMM Global and we strive to get back in time to relive those golden days. Well, you can’t. Not unless we humans discover time travel technology, and eBay starts selling time machine at a cheap price. :))) So, wake up and ask yourself some relevant questions; why was MMM Global so successful? What made MMM Global so unique and globally accepted? How could it run for such a record-breaking period without crashing? The answer is simple; because dedicated and committed MMM participants from all over the world were united for the success of MMM Global. Unity is the key. When we returned to our national structures, we got divided, we lost that key. United we stand, divided we fall…

This is where MMM United comes into the picture. We are no other than a team of MMM participants from our respective national structures of MMM. With ideology in our heart and determination in our thoughts, we are once again united to find that lost key. We have once again come under the same roof that gives us the opportunity to do some good for us, for our friends and families, for the society, and for the entire humanity. WE ARE MMM UNITED!

The International community of Mavrodians is looking for a reliable, stable system with a promising future. The main goal of MMM United is to unite global leadership to erect an ideal system that can fulfill this mass requirement. In order to develop such a system, all MMM global leaders have to come together as a single unit for a single mission of continuing the life-changing ideology of Mr. Sergey Mavrodi. We appeal to UNITE each and every global leader from every corner of the world to join hands together. The message is simple; working for numerous different systems doesn’t make a strong structure but working for ONE SINGLE GLOBAL STRUCTURE does. If we are UNITED as a single entity for a single cause, this system would be practically crash free.

MMM United has taken the initiative and to our surprise, we are getting huge support from all corners of the world. We are obliged to develop a platform that spreads happiness but at the same time you are also obliged to spread this message among everyone you know. Stay happy, stay blessed. :))))) Long live MMM United!